Mobile Merchants

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Mobile Merchants | Mobile Vendor


Apply for a Mobile Merchant Account and conveniently accept credit card or check payments anywhere your customers are – safely – securely and efficiently !


Mobile vendors, retail merchants, trade shows, contractors, carpet cleaners, mobile grooming, flea markets, plumbers,electricians,delivery service etc…  get a mobile merchant account and use your  mobile / Smart Phone or web enabled device with our card swipe magnetic strip card reader or the Virtual Terminal to key in your transactions anywhere !


Secure Mobile Payments


Download our free iProcess™ Mobile App when you sign up for a Cyber Transaction Gateway™ account. Use your existing merchant account or ask us to set up a new Mobile Merchant Account for you.


Mobile APP Features


  • iProcess™ works though an extensive coverage area such as WiFi, 3G/4G or EDGE

  • Works with Apple™ and Android™ devices

  • Capture digital signatures and add in TIP’s

  • Multi-MID capable

  • Send Receipts | Email or Text receipts to customers

  • GEOTAG location of sale on the receipt

Mobile API | Developers


Mobile API to integrate your own mobile Apps for use with the Cyber Transaction Gateway ™ Our Mobile API is available for use with both Apple IOS™   and Android™devices.

* Our Integration specialists are standing by to assist you to resolve any integration issues you may encounter.


Mobile API Components


Our Mobile API consists of 2 components that contain all the necessary codes and guidance you as a Developer will need to successfully integrate your app with Cyber Transaction Gateway™

  • A complete Encryption Library | Full Mobile API documentation provided to allow  credit card data to be encrypted on a mobile device and unencrypted only by the Cyber Payment Gateway

  • A Swipe Device Library | A complete guide which will provide a simple method to integrate. An event driven interface for mobile apps incorporating swipe reader functionality


Mobile Swipe | Magnetic Card Readers


                The following mobile card reader is available for purchase in the Cyber Transaction Gatewey™ | Merchant Dashboard

The new and improved iPS Enterprise combines the latest technologies for reliable and secure mobile payments. Achieve card-present rates and increased security by converting a merchant’s existing phone or tablet into a mobile terminal. This Encrypted Card Reader works in conjunction with the Cyber Transaction Gateway ™   iProcess™   Mobile Application.


*  Mobile Payments Service Required


                                                       Supported Devices: Apple and Android based devices

PS Enterprise Encrypted Mobile Reader
PS Enterprise Encrypted Mobile Reader